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Advanced Multi-Camera Live Streaming for Churches

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  1. Foundations

    2023 Updates & Schedule
  2. Audio and Lighting Considerations
  3. Video Style (Television vs. Cinematic)
  4. Gear Overview (Advanced Multi-Camera Live Streaming Blueprint)
  5. Case Study: South Fellowship Church
  6. Cameras
    Camera Basics
  7. Selecting the Right Cameras
  8. Camera Plot
  9. Selecting Lenses
  10. Exposure 101
  11. White Balance 101
  12. Framing 101
  13. Color Style
  14. Rigging Basics and Making the Connection to Your Switcher
  15. Computer Graphics
    Computer Graphics Strategy
  16. Computer Graphics: Software Configuration
  17. Hardware Configuration: DeckLink Duo 2
  18. DeckLink Duo and ProPresenter Configuration
  19. Video Switching
    Making the Connections
  20. Selecting a Video Switcher
  21. ATEM Setup Process
  22. Alpha Keying
  23. The Media Player
  24. ATEM Control with a Stream Deck
  25. ATEM Control with an iPad
  26. Recording, Encoding & Publishing Your Live Stream
    Local Recording with a Hyperdeck
  27. Encoding & Publishing through Resi
  28. Encoding & Publishing through Boxcast
  29. Encoding Your Live Stream for Online Platforms | Living As One ( Setup (Version 1)
  30. Leveraging the Church Online Platform
  31. Team Building
    Training Camera Operators
  32. Team Communication
  33. Cameras
    Panasonic GH5 Initial Configuration
  34. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema 6k Initial Configuration
  35. Canon C200 Initial Configuration
  36. Case Studies
    Case Study: Mission Lakewood Church
  37. Case Study: Red Rocks Church
  38. Case Study: Bethel Church
  39. Bonus Trainings
  40. Blackmagic Design ATEM Video Switcher Setup Guide
  41. Smart Videohub Initial Configuration
  42. Automating Video Switching with Ableton Live and ATEM Software
  43. Terminating SDI Cables
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2023 Updates & Schedule

Module 1 (March 3, 2023): Advanced Live Streaming Strategy

Map out the big picture of your advanced live streaming system. Gain clarity on how all the components come together, learn terminology, and begin developing your custom plan.

Module 2 (March 17, 2023): Cameras and Lenses

Gain clarity on the range of camera options available that will help you achieve a “cinematic” look for your live stream. Build out a multi-camera system with the right camera bodies and lenses for your situation.

Module 3 (March 31, 2023): Display and Lower-Thirds Lyrics Configuration

Send lower-thirds lyrics and other presentation content to your switcher by leveraging a graphics card for your presentation computer. We’ll dive deep into screen configurations for ProPresenter.

Module 4 (April 14, 2023): Video Switching

Install and configure a hardware video switcher for your multi-camera system. We’ll do a deep dive into configuring a Blackmagic ATEM switcher for worship ministry.

Module 5 (May 19, 2023): Capture, Encode, and Publish

Simultaneously capture and stream your service to online platforms leveraging a hardware recorder and encoder. Stream with confidence knowing your viewers will not experience any buffering or interruptions.

Module 6 (May 12, 2023): Equipping Your Video Team

Build a communication system for your video team. Choosing your shooting style. Train and equip camera operators and video directors.