Beginner’s Guide to Church Sound Online Course


Church Sound 101. This online course is created for worship leaders, tech volunteers, or pastors with zero experience in audio. It will quickly get you up to speed with the audio fundamentals including the anatomy of a sound system, signal processing, and navigating a modern mixing console. Pre-Requisite to our Mixing for Worship Online Course.

Lessons in this Online Course

  1. Introduction to the Beginner’s Guide to Church Sound
  2. The Anatomy of a Church Sound System
    1. The Anatomy of a Sound System
    2. Acoustic Design
    3. The Mixing Console
    4. The Stage Box and Audio Routing
    5. PA Speakers
    6. Monitors
    7. Microphones
    8. Cables
  3. Mixing Essentials
    1. Signal Processing
    2. Gain
    3. Gate
    4. Compressor
    5. Equalizer
    6. Effects
  4. Navigating the Mixing Console
    1. Navigating the Mixing Console
    2. Signal Routing
    3. Channel Processing
    4. Effects Controls
    5. Monitor Mixes
    6. Recording
    7. Conclusion
  5. Extras
    1. Case Study: South Fellowship Church
    2. Bonus Lesson: Broadcast Mix Solutions (Bus Mix vs. Matrix Mix)
    3. Bonus Lesson: Building a Mix