Broadcast Mix Mastery Online Course


Learn how to create “radio-ready” live stream audio for worship. This online course goes in-depth on using Ableton Live to mix for broadcast.

Lessons in this Online Course

  1. Introduction to Multitrack Recording and Streaming for Worship
  2. Signal Flow Fundamentals and Routing Audio
  3. Signal Flow Basics and Strategy
  4. Gear and Software Overview
  5. Getting Started with Ableton Live for Recording and Mixing
  6. Audio Routing: WING
  7. Audio Routing: SQ5
  8. Audio Routing: X/M32
  9. Mix Audio for Broadcast
  10. Processing Fundamentals & the Plug-in Chain
  11. Ableton Live Template Walkthrough
  12. Processing Drums
  13. Processing Guitars
  14. Processing Keys and Tracks
  15. Processing Vocals
  16. Processing Speaking Microphones
  17. Bus Processing
  18. Mastering Your Final Mix
  19. Syncing Audio and Video for Your Live Stream
  20. Optimizing Workflow and Equipping Your Team
  21. Mixing with an iPad (Touchable Pro)
  22. Stream Deck for Broadcast Mix Control
  23. Monitoring Solutions
  24. Volunteer Quick-Start Guide
  25. Advanced Processing and Mixing with Third-Party Plugins
  26. Vocal Tuning
  27. Drum Replacement
  28. Channel EQ
  29. Compression
  30. Acoustic Guitar Enhancement with Impulse Response
  31. Broadcast Mix Mastery Conclusion