Sennheiser EW-D 835-S SET Digital Wireless Handheld System with e835 Capsule




For over 20 years Sennheiser’s Evolution Wireless has allowed performers of every type to roam free. The next logical step in that Evolution is the EW-D series, delivered just when we need to roam more than ever!

The EW-D-835-S is a receiver and handheld transmitter set with a Sennheiser 835 microphone module that delivers pure digital wireless audio free from noise, interference, and annoying static bursts. The system’s automated setup makes for quick easy implementation with little effort. A dedicated mobile app eschews deep menus giving users a convenient familiar way to operate and change settings.

The renowned e 835 microphone module has a cardioid pickup pattern that rejects sound from the rear and sides to deliver intimate highly intelligible vocals, even on loud stages. Whether speaking or singing, you know they’ll hear every word.

With over 2,200 selectable frequencies you’re never out of range or out of touch. Speaking of range, the EW-D-835-S’ 134 dB dynamic range means they’ll hear everything you intend, from a whisper to a scream. The rugged design of the EW-D SKM-S transmitter means your system will keep up with you night in, and night out. Operating up to 12 hours per charge when used with the Li-ion battery pack (sold separately) or 8 hours on a pair of AA batteries, you can be sure the show will go on, and on!