Worship Tech Blueprint


An online course to help you upgrade worship technology with clarity and confidence. A blueprint for implementing the best tools for excellent worship both in-person and online.

Lessons in this Online Course

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Don’t miss the forest for the trees

The Computer Workstation Blueprint


Lessons in this Course

  1. Foundations of Worship Tech
  2. Course Introduction
  3. What is the point of tech?
  4. You do not need new gear
  5. Stop buying PC
  6. Don’t miss the forest for the trees
  7. The Blueprints
  8. The Audio Blueprint
  9. The Visuals Blueprint
  10. The Automation Blueprint
  11. The Live Streaming Blueprint
  12. The Computer Workstation Blueprint
  13. Creating a Plan
  14. Take Inventory
  15. Clarify Goals
  16. Build a Purchase List
  17. Funding Worship Tech Upgrades
  18. You Need a Guide