Broadcast Mix Mastery

An online course to help you multitrack record or stream professional audio for worship. For worship leaders and tech teams wanting to achieve a professional mix for live streaming.

Achieving a pro mix for your live stream can feel like an elusive dream.

Now that your church has brought worship online, you’ve discovered the challenge of broadcasting high quality audio for your congregation.

You need your mix to sound balanced and consistent across various social platforms and devices.

You want to eliminate the cringey moments when the mix sounds empty or off-pitch.

But you’re not sure what gear you and software you need.

You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a separate mixing console.

You don’t know how to process and mix audio like a pro.

You also want to equip your team members to run your broadcast mix with a system that’s simple but sounds top-notch.

The good news is you can do this.

Even if you’re “non-techie.”

You just need the right tools and strategy to build and operate a cost-effective broadcast system for your church.

A step-by-step guide to help you...

Invest in the right tools

Don't waste thousands of dollars on a second mixing console. Instead, at the fraction of the price of a mixing console, you can leverage the power of digital audio workstations like Ableton Live.

Save time

Build a custom template for your worship ministry that sounds amazing and gives you a professional mix in minutes instead of hours.

Mix in audio software

Learn the fundamentals and advanced strategies for mixing for broadcast using a digital audio workstation like Ableton Live.

Equip your team

Build a simple workflow and equip your team to mix for broadcast.

Course Outline

  • Part 1: Initial Setup of the Multitrack Recording and Streaming System

    An introduction to how multitrack streaming and recording works. Overview of all the necessary gear and software and signal flow.

  • Part 2: Getting Started with Ableton Live for Multitrack Recording and Streaming

    Getting started with Ableton Live. Introduction to the user interface. Routing signal from your mixing console to Ableton Live for mixing. Then routing your mixed audio to your live stream.

  • Part 3: Broadcast Mix Fast-Track

    Introduction to the Ableton Live broadcast mix template. Signal processing basics for drums, vocals, other instruments, etc. Leveraging the pre-made template and our mixing strategy, dial in your broadcast mix in record time.

  • Part 4: Creating a Professional Broadcast Mix (Part 2)

    Balancing and mastering your mix for broadcast.

  • Part 5: Workflow and Equipping Your Team

    Building the right workflow for your broadcast mix and equipping volunteers to operate it live.

  • Part 6: Advanced Mixing with Third-Party Plugins

    Take your mix to a whole new level with advanced yet cost-effective plugins for vocal tuning, drum replacement, and mastering.

Take a Peek Inside the Course

Meet your instructors.

Jake Gosselin

Creator of Churchfront and Worship Ministry School

Jake Gosselin is the creator of Churchfront, a media platform for over 100,000 worship leaders and tech teams around the globe. He’s the lead instructor and coach for Worship Ministry School where he creates step-by-step online courses and provides coaching to help worship teams lead gospel-centered and tech-savvy worship.

Adam Beranek

Lead tech coach, Worship ministry school

A member of the Churchfront team since 2019, Adam earned a recording arts degree from Madison Media Institute in 2012, has served in full-time worship ministry since 2015, and been mixing in live and studio environments since 2010.

Real Church Leaders. Real Results.

Thank you to Jake and his team at the Worship Ministry School. Without your Broadcast Mix Mastery course, I would be lost right now on how to get high-quality audio for our online services. You covered every step and made it easy for a non-sound guy to create a mix for our church that sounds professional and captures the essence of our band and our speakers.
John Richards
Online Campus Pastor, Journey Church
It was hugely beneficial for me to get a technical explanation of what each function of the chain is, what each element affects, and hearing the before and after of both the individual tracks, and then hearing the whole thing put together. This was so much better than me, the total beginner, just fiddling around with each of the settings. Thank you!
Diana Smith-Knowles
Worship Leader, Plainville Baptist Church
We just tested our full Ableton template during rehearsal last night, and it worked like a charm! I love the ability to go back after rehearsal and mix/EQ everything! Thank you Jake, Adam, and the team for all the hard work put in to this course!
Tony Sammond
Worship Leader, Highpoint Church
Everything is up and running. Excellent course Jake Gosselin thank you for everything you and your team has come up with.
Darius Blount
Tech Director

The Plan

Step 1

Enroll in the Course

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Step 1

Step 2

Implement the Right Tools

Save time, money, and achieve a professional mix leveraging software like Ableton Live to mix for church online. It works for both a pre-recorded or live stream environment.

Step 2

Step 3

Give Your Congregation the Best Mix Possible

Create a broadcast mix that your congregation looks forward to hearing and singing along with every week.

Step 3

A step-by-step guide for "non-techie" church leaders.

At Worship Ministry School, we know you want to be the type of leader who can confidently navigate the latest technology to expand your reach and ministry online. 

In order to do that, you need to build the right kind of system to support modern worship, AND you need the know-how to implement those tools to their fullest.

The problem is, there’s a lot of information out there on broadcast audio and it probably makes you feel a little overwhelmed.

We believe that mixing and streaming professional audio does not need to be complex and overwhelming. We understand that it’s hard enough having to prep sermons, prepare worship, and make sure the spiritual side of ministry is covered. Technology should make it easier and more impactful, not more complicated.

That’s why we created Broadcast Mix Mastery.

We break down mixing for live streaming into simple building blocks that anyone can understand, even those who consider themselves not tech-savvy.

Here’s how it works. Click the “Buy Now” button to enroll and get instant access to the training. You get lifetime access to the course and you can work through the video training at your own pace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. If you feel for any reason the course did not meet your expectations, let us know within 14 days of purchase and we will issue a full refund.

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